He has arrived in the form of a common human being,

Like a timorous, even afraid of shadow and always terrified common human being, in the form of a common human being,

About whom, there were many mythical stories, many anecdotes based on horror, many worlds of frightening gods filled with terrors attached,

Whose lifted eyes made, even many strong and stony, heightened enough even touching the sky, hell like mountains, helpless to part in cracks,

 Whose bodily thermal heat causes shivers of dread to run through fire and the creation of hell created with fire,

Whose mentioning during war safeguards against challenges,

Whose forehead contained many lines constructing the maps of many universes and the axis of the stars, showed directions to the spread of seas and destinations with extreme tenor,

 Whose cool eyes provided shade for the trees, taught winds to bring in clouds with moisture, informed thirst about the resolute secret to reach sweet springs,

Whose lament soothed the sadness of all tensions by showing its presence,

Whose name was believed to have connotation of fulfillment of prayers,

He, in the form of a common human being, having a cold and unimpressive body, having forgotten its sacred obligation out of your love,

Setting aside firm responsibility that is more than the life of the world, he has arrived for you on this earth that is sacrificed for intensely reasonless and rejected connectionless foolish and useless customs

The light of my forehead,

O that which has fallen from my crown,

The grandeur of my priorate,

My Ibreez,

To seek you, he has come in the form of a common human being.


Poem in Urdu: “Ibreez” by Dr. Waqar Khan

Translated in English: “Ibreez-A Precious Priceless Thing” by Syedah Maryam Iqbal