The adversities of the space were in their place and the earth was a souvenir of destructed, corrugated, barren grounds,

The stars were red and darkness prevailed over sun and moon,

The trees had the nests of desolations in place of birds,

The earth’s womb had only salinity and prickles grew there,

The air faced many troubles in breathing,

Then, may be, the light Holder sent the light of God.

How did the darkness embraced light?

How did the evil souls arrive in the forms of fairies?

What brightened and finest gift did God create!

He created tenderness, sweet heartedness, prudence and coyness,

That radiance, that finest gift for whom, colors arrived from the skies,

For whose continuation, delicacy started existing on earth,

The Creator of the creatures created lust before the light,

He created accessibility of lust to the delicacy,

Thousands of years have passed but nature has not changed,

Eyes are still hungry as if they will gobble up.

How have the lecherous blackened their faces with light!

How have they transformed every relationship based on their need!

Lecherous ones! Libidinous ones! Have some shame,

That radiance, that finest gift was a metaphor for light,

She was once Eve, erstwhile Maryam, erstwhile a glowing light,

She was a woman.


Urdu Poem: Woh Aurat Thee by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation: She was a Woman by Syedah Maryam Iqbal