In lands, skies, spaces and galaxies,

A logical discourse remained prostrated for thousands of years,

And the prostration place itself remained in its own axis and positioning,

The suns in all four dimensions kept quiet, standing with their heads atilt,

Winds, quietly, holding their breath, could not move out of reverence,

Somewhere age, with its futuristic continuity, lamented on its needless wastage,

Somewhere dust shed much tears in prayers.

In a corner, the Godly creation kept

Busy in creating the rightful reason for its being,

Somewhere the misty eyes in harsh light saw moon and stars,

Getting mournful,

Hiding their faces because of their unknown statuses,

And passing moments in darkness.

Then one day to change the gloomy situation, a light shone—

The light of God shone—

Journey of ages gets paid off—

I am created.

The logical discourse at last lifts its head from prostration,

It gets words,

My spoken words have made,

Words meaningful,

That prostration place now moves from its axis and positioning,

And starts revolving around me,

All the suns because of seeing in my eyes,

Start getting brightened,

Winds, after a prolonged time, take breath from my breathing,

That age with its futuristic continuity

Has eternal glad tidings for its acknowledgement,

The dust, which was wet because of its own tears

Has better luck now.

That Godly creation—

That helped in the creation of universes and worlds

Has its moment of satisfaction for the figuration of figure—

I am created.

It is the creation that has supported

The status of seven heavens.

I am its light,

And I highlighted the light of the light.

My being has ensured the futuristic continuity of existence,

But now, I have the responsibility of creation.

Earth Sunrise

Urdu Poem: Inaya-Khuda ki Roshni by Dr. Waqar Khan

English Translation of the Poem: Inaya-Light of God by Syedah Maryam Iqbal