Grace, sitting near the window on her bed, was trying to learn an answer from her school book quite late at night. She was around nine or ten years old having a lot of imaginations and fantasies in her head. As it was quite late, she saw all of her siblings sleeping nearby and tried hard to focus on her book. She was studying as her exams were quite near and she developed a habit of studying late at night. Her continuous struggle to focus on the book was repeatedly interrupted by her troublesome mind. She looked up, it was 3 ’o’clock. She tried to move the curtain covering the window a little to peep outside the window.

Oh! There was something outside. When she moved the curtain, she saw a light faraway quite watchable because of pitch dark outside. She was struck with the thought of a ghost and she covered the window at once. Her curiosity did not allow her to start studying again or do something else. She thought,

“This may be my imagination. How can there be a ghost?”61471af93eb655143937ed1d321d9949

Even she ridiculed herself by slapping a little on her face. She collected all of her courage to see again what she had seen before. She moved the curtain again and fixed her eyes on the light and tried to make some image out of it. It appeared as if someone in bright light was sitting with a book in his lap. The person was so busy in reading that he did not lift up his head. He appeared just human, but why light? She saw for some time, but the person did not lift up his head.

She thought that she might have some problem with her eyes that she was seeing such things, but that person was not disappearing. She moved her lashes up and down too many times to blur what she was seeing, but it remained there, static and reading.

f2d314ff21ddbfb8142789456386930eShe pondered if the busy person lifted up his head and looked towards her, what she would do. And that happened. As soon as she tried to end her gaze, he moved his head and looked towards her. He was dark, very dark. His look made her tremble and the corner of the curtain got loose from her grip. Was it a ghost? She was scared. She waited for him to come, but he never came. She was terrified and reached her mother to be with her. She hugged her sleeping mother and shut her eyes. Soon she fell asleep with no one to chase her, no one to come after her. She was quite secure in her mother’s lap.