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Diverse Shades of Humanity


Our human identity in the hands of discrimination,

Is a demeaning scar on our intellectual cognition,

We are sent to earth as vicegerents of God,

But, through our actions, we never form a coalition.

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Annihilating Obsession


His frequent calls made me to recall,

The moments, days and time, I passed all,

In a state of melancholy and continuous brawl,

Always hoping to get rid of the widely spread appal,

And I unendingly avoided, supporting myself from fall,

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Peace is what we all aspire,

We need not soldiers to hire,

As peace needs no crossfire,

Just intellectual minds we require,

Our differences, we should admire,

Or, we will all be in a nuclear hellfire.

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Nature Versus Us


Nature teaches us peace through all of its bequests,

It has bestowed upon us the waterfalls,

Why do we need blood brawls?

It has provided us with sheltering skies,

Why do we become a reason for mournful cries?

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In memory of my Father


With tears in my eyes and a broken heart,

I strive to exist, though it is a story of the past,

When you left me bewildered and shattered,

I thought about myself as survivor of an atomic blast.

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Keys of the Door


I have the keys of the door,

That welcomes me no more.

I took refuge on the waves,

And left the assured shore.

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O Son of Adam!


O Son of Adam!

There is something that you yearn for,

And there is something that I yearn for,

But, only that will happen that I yearn for

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The Creator’s Benevolence


The sun was eloquent in its aggression,

Flaring with full opposition,

Showing its hostility towards the earthlings,

Enforcing an affiliation order to the wind making it feverish,

When the Unrestricted showed it its’ limitation,

It was brought to light, bright light!

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Frightened, Curious Eyes


It was peeking outside, through the rusted hole,

With its frightened, curious eyes,

The world appeared unexplored to it,

It was unaware of any lurking dangers,

Hunting for the inquisitive souls.

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